If this is a dream…

I don’t want to wake up!!  We finally received our travel dates on Monday.  HOORAY!!!!!!  I would have posted sooner, but life has been a whirlwind since then!  We leave in less than two weeks, on Memorial Day!  We are so incredibly excited and busy and nervous and happy!  I can’t believe that the day is finally arriving, after waiting so very long.  This isn’t a dream, but last night I did have a memorable one!  I dreamed we saw our sweet son.

We went to his orphanage to go pick him up and he was so excited to meet us.  He loved everyone, including his new little brother and sister.  It was just lovely!  We were talking a perfect mix of Russian and English.  Apparently, he knew exactly all the phrases in English that I didn’t know in Russian, so we were able to communicate flawlessly!  I know this is (quite literally) all a dream… but it was lovely nonetheless.

And then our fairy tale meeting was abruptly interrupted by some kind of war going on (hmm… I wonder where my mind got that idea from).  I bring it up, though, because it leads to a really cool part.  So in all the chaos, eventually Jake and our other two kiddos where taken onto a submarine and I was knocked unconscious.  When I woke up they were gone and Juri was being held by a girl whose father was from the opposing army.  She looked about 12 or 13 and she was saying terrible things to him about how she was his mother now and how we would never love him.

I went right over there and took him out of her arms and told him over and over “Я твоя́ ма́ма.”  He relaxed into my arms, feeling completely safe, and there he stayed the rest of the dream as we went off to find the rest of the family :)  It was all so nice, and it made me even more anxious to hold my son.  I miss him so much and I haven’t even met him yet!  There are lots of things to be done before we go, so I will try to update a little before take-off, but hopefully not too many posts from now we will be across the Atlantic!

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