Silent Nights

There have been many a silent night on my blog as of late.  Forgive me while I try to move from one floor of my house to the other, compile a dossier, fundraise, get my life in order and think about the many deep mysteries of life… while also trying to have an awesome Advent season.  But I am still here!  I would love to give an update soon about where we are in the adoption, but today this is going to be short and sweet.

I thought I should blog about this milestone for my two little ones… new bedtime milestones.  They are always bittersweet aren’t they?

First, Evangeline is now in her very own room!  Since she was born she has always slept in our bedroom, either in our bed or in her bed pushed up right next to ours.  She has always been close enough for me to hold her hand if she woke up and needed me during the night, but as of Friday we have four newly refurbished bedrooms in our parsonage and… it was time.

We had been telling her about her bedroom for a while and she was so excited to have her “own” room. I always assumed our children would never have their own room, they would share once the first two were ready to make the leap.  But I’ll just say it… it was time.  Stephen isn’t going to be ready for a while and who knows when another girl will come along for the girls’ room.  She seemed ready so we decided to go for it!  And she is doing fabulously.

The first two nights she did not make it the whole night.  We ended up carrying her into our bedroom around 2:00am because she was just restless and, hey, we wanted to sleep!  We still have a second bed in our bedroom (back to that in a second) so it was just like old times and it worked perfectly.  Last night I went to go retuck her in once but she fell back asleep and didn’t need us again until morning.

Now for that second bed :)  Evangeline’s twin bed went with her to her room, but we just happened to have another, so we scooted that up next to ours and that is officially Stephen’s bed now!  We are transitioning him over a few months sooner than we started with Evie, but with the new room and everything it just made sense.  It also helps if I have to get up for Evie in the middle of the night, I don’t disturb him and he will eventually sleep better.  Right now he’s not quite used to the new space so he isn’t sleeping as well.  He has always been very space oriented.  If he’s not in HIS bed, he fights sleep.  But  the second night was better than the first!  He still hasn’t made it an entire night yet without cuddling with mommy by the wee hours of the morning, but I don’t really mind :)

All in all we are very happy with the smooth transition and hope it continues!  I have two blog posts coming up the pike for you, one is an update on our adoption, long overdue I know… and the second is a little more heavy in content, but necessary I think.  Hopefully as the days go on and we continue getting more settled around here I will have less and less of those silent nights on my blog!  Praying you are all having a wonderful Advent!

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