I have been busy…

Doing lots of things! I am technically taking a two week break from blogging and Forty to Forever and all non-essential internet type things… but… today has been going SO well I thought I would sneak in and give you all an update.  The past week and a half has been H.A.R.D.  And today is really the first fruits that I have seen in any of it.  We have been really trying to get our household back in order.  With the move, the adoption, the launch of Forty to Forever and all the fundraising… to be honest, I just was not doing my job here at home.  I was emotionally and practically being pulled in six different directions at once, and neglecting many of my basic basic duties.  So I decided to take a break from outside distractions and focus on getting our family back to a good place.

It has been a real struggle, try and fail, replan, refocus, try again and fail again.  That’s what it’s been looking like for us.  Until today.  I sat down and made myself a meticulous chore sheet of EVERYTHING I wanted us to accomplish every day, week and month of the year.  What needs to get done in the morning?  Afternoon?  Evening?  Chores, meals, school, devotions, etc.  Everything is on there!  It’s like my brain on paper.  Chores are separated into categories and each small task has it’s very own check box.  Next I went over the first two days of October.  On a typical day, what was I actually getting done?  The blue ink is everything I was doing for the ENTIRE DAY.  And if you’ll notice, Jake’s initials are even on a couple of those boxes.  So if all the boxes on that sheet need to be checked in order for our home to run smoothly, how do you think our house had been running?  Yeah… not at all.


However!  You will note today’s work, in the lovely Autumn orange color, I have many more boxes checked!  Not all of them, I didn’t expect perfection on the first day, but we are doing SO much better!  I am really excited to go into more detail about my new system for running things around here.  I mean, not only did I get that much more done, but I had time to sneak in a blog during the kids’ nap too!  The kiddos (3yrs and 1yr) have been helping me with all the chores, and I have been doing a much better job of keeping them close and focusing on discipline and nurturing.  That is probably the single most exciting thing about this new system; it allows me to manage my home with my children and incorporates them into the daily flow of family life.  I am making a point to only work on my chores when they are awake and with me so I can learn the best ways for us to do these tasks together.  I have been enjoying them so much more today, and I know they are soaking up my love and attention as well.

This day is awesome, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the week and month goes!!

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