(Sham)Poo Free: Week 2


Sigh… I almost didn’t want to take a picture this week because it looks JUST as bad as last week.  But I did… to be fair I took the picture on Monday so it was exactly at the two week mark (even though this post is a little later).  Yesterday when I did my vinegar rinse I left it on for a good ten minutes before washing it out.  That seemed to help a lot, so next Monday I will take a picture after doing that and you can be the judge if it actually is helpful or not!

On the bright side, I do think my hair feels cleaner than it did before.  More oily, but less chemically.  It just seems like all that shampoo builds up after a while.  The last several weeks before I started this I felt my hair was just not nice after being washed… it was mostly not oily (but that only lasted about ten hours) but it just didn’t feel soft or smooth or anything nice that you would expect hair to feel.

Now that I’m not using shampoo anymore, my hair feels better.  I can tell especially at the tips where it’s not oily; it just feels nicer.  I also started noticing that my hair is looking wavier than usual.  I would chalk it up to the oiliness, but you can tell at the bottom too!  This interim period is awful, but here’s to hoping it will be worth it!


  1. Just to comment on the no-poo thing. I’ve done that for the better part of a year. You’ll need adjust the ratios for your hair. It makes the transition go much faster – I hardly had any transition issues. Greasy = too much ACV. Dry/Breakage = too much baking soda.

    My hair would get nasty greasy if I let the ACV dilution stay on my scalp for more than about 30 seconds (about as long as it would take to work it through the rest of my hair). So I’d flip upside down and only use it from a few inches out from my head. And even then, I’d rinse it after working it all through for no more than a minute. My fine hair (which also became wavy and sometimes even almost curly after making this change) just absorbed too much of the ACV.

    I’ve also tried organic homemade shampoo/conditioner bars from this place: http://www.chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com. You can get sample packs fairly cheaply and they smell good enough to eat. I like the bars travel since they aren’t liquids.

    I’m also a big fan of the oil method for washing my face. It removes makeup like nobody’s business, and I only moisturize afterwards in the winter.

    • dalas.mueller@gmail.com says:

      Sandra that is so strange! My hair was LESS oily after I rinsed it with ACV and left it on for about 10 minutes. The baking soda seems to not do much for my hair either way. :/

  2. This is the part which puts me off doing this, even though i have a feeling it would be good for my hair… i had told myself that i would go shampoo free after i cut my hair this summer – which i have done BUT i still am dragging my feet about this… however, what you have written is encouraging so i’m working on getting my bum off the chair & get this started… hopefully next week? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I did the no shampoo thing from November until about May. I found that if I let the baking soda solution sit on my hair for a few minutes and then combed my hair repeatedly with a fine tooth comb until white gunk stopped coming off. When I did this my hair was a lot less greasy. I eventually found a rythym where I watched did baking soda/combing once ever 3 days or so. In between I would not wet my hair, or only do a water rinse.

    I’m back to using shampoo & conditioner now because my hair was getting too dry and I didn’l like how it looked, but I can easily go a day between washes, which I never could before.

    P.S. I’m an AO mom….if you were wondering who in the heck randomly visited your blog =)

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