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Mother’s Day: Aborting an American Dream

Yesterday, purely by coincidence, I got to transferring my blog post series: Did God Order an Abortion?

On this Mother’s Day morning, I woke up to an unexpected response from an old friend from high school.  This is what she said:

“Hey Dalas, whats up. I just wanted to let you know that I have had two abortions and one miscarriage in my life. I am a Christian and only God and I know what I have been through. But I can’t be friends with you, if you are going to judge others. Only God has that right. Let me know.”

Now, if you have read my series or if you came from that post to this one, what you will note is that I am not writing against women who have undergone abortions.  I am writing against the bloggers of the “Christian Left” (men ironically) who break the 2nd commandment in a horrifyingly blatant way, by taking God’s name and using it to live however they please, whether it is actually pleasing to God or not.  In the process they confuse well-meaning Christians and lead God’s sheep far astray.  This is who I judge.  I judge those who would claim to teach truth whilst spreading evil in the public square.

You may have come here from another post on my blog about abortion (as I will be linking to this post regularly from here on out), and I might have spoken quite openly and forcefully against  this particular sin.  I will not shy away from the truth; abortion is the taking of a human life.  It is wrong, and it is never something God would command or commend.  Abortion is murder  but (and this is important) not every mother who has had an abortion is a murderer.  This is something that I want everyone to understand, but especially you, the dear mother who has suffered through abortions and has found your way to my humble blog.  Yes, in the sense that all of us are guilty of breaking the 5th commandment, we are all murderers.  But I do not go around calling everyone a murderer and neither will I lightly apply that label in this instance.

I realize, though I have never been in your shoes, that there are subtleties and nuances to this massacre of innocents.  There are complexities that most of us will never understand.  All of us have been lied to by the sweet whisperings of feminism, and we have all been affected in our own ways.  We all have mistakes to repent of and sins to confess.  Our society has legalized and normalized killing our children, and that is wrong.  Many women have been convinced that the child they agreed to dispose of was no child at all.  Others have been told that this was in the best interests of their baby.  Some have been abused, threatened and tortured into the decision by the very people who should have been encouraging and supporting them in their vocation of mother.  Abortion is a tragedy for everyone involved, and especially for the mothers whose bodies, hearts and souls bear those scars.

I do not judge you dear mother.  For you are a mother.  The abortion crazed culture would tell you that you are not.  In their eyes you go into the abortion clinic pregnant and come out unpregnant.  But your conscious cries out otherwise; this is not the pain or loss felt by someone who is simply not pregnant.  This pain is the pain of a mother who has suffered the death of her child.  The pro-abortion movement would seek to steal this from you.  Disguised as compassion, the abortion industry is anything but.  For in their very definition of life they must disregard the grief of every mother who has lost an unborn child.  After all, it isn’t really a baby, so you shouldn’t really grieve.  Motherhood is a blessed and esteemed vocation.  But daily… by the thousands… Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics around the country steal that once classic American dream from women and girls.

I write this post not for those women who are righteously convinced of their “rights” and stand firmly rooted in their “choice” to do as they wish with their unborn children.  I write this post for you who have been hurt by my words or by the words of the pro-life movement.  I write for you who have been crushed and convicted of participating in the killing of a precious life that God gave to you to carry, and who feel that burden every time your pro-life friends speak out.  I write this for the hurting, for those whose dream was stolen.  I write this to say… God can restore to you the dream, He can return to you all the years that the locust has eaten.  Take heart.  God is mercy.  You are forgiven.

Please know, from the bottom of my heart, that on this day I see you not as a murderer, but just as much a mother as myself.  I hope that God would pour His rich blessing out on you this Mother’s Day and continue that healing work, reconciling not only you with Christ, but also you with your dear children.

This was my response to the friend who wrote me earlier today; she thanked me for it and gave me permission to share it with all of you.  I pray that on this Mother’s Day Christ brings to her and to all of my dear sisters comfort and healing…

First of all I’m so incredibly sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. If I gave you the impression that I’m judging you (or anyone) who’s had an abortion I apologize for that, because that was never my intention. I hope we can remain friends. Let me explain my position a little more clearly.

I am wholeheartedly against abortion. I will be upfront about that. But honestly? I do not judge, hate or even blame the women who have them. Sure, sometimes there are women who deserve such criticisms, but I don’t know any personally and it will be for God to judge their hearts.

I wonder if it was the blog post that I posted yesterday that upset you? Did you read through the posts? I was speaking against another blogger who would perpetuate the lie that abortion does not hurt women, who would rather than offer the forgiving love of Christ to a woman who is suffering from abortion, would cover up their wounds with “its ok”.

Deep down we know it’s not ok, and masking the hurt and the guilt and the pain that is left after an abortion helps no one. That is who I am against, that part of our society who would take your pain and say there is no good reason for it. The people who would dismiss your guilt rather than allow you to be forgiven of it.

I am not judging you, but I am judging the ideology that would lie to you, take advantage of you and refuse to offer you true healing. I am a Christian, and my aim is not to judge you but to point you to Christ. To point you to Christ who says that what you did by allowing someone to take the life of your two unborn children was wrong. But that is not all. He also says this:

“I forgive you. And I am holding your sweet babies in my arms and caring for them until we can all be together again. I forgive you, because my blood on the cross covers this too and it has made you as white as snow. Your children forgive you, they love you, they pray for you. My child, you are forgiven. Go in peace and sin no more.”

This is real comfort, not that people will look the other way and not condemn you for bad choices and wrongdoing, but that Christ has already been condemned on your behalf for anything and everything you have ever done wrong. I do not judge you because there is nothing left for me to judge. Your sins have been washed away and you are as white as snow.

I pray that you can hold on to this real comfort. Have a blessed Mother’s Day.

Reece’s Rainbow: What is It?

Reece's Rainbow

Since I am sort of starting over from scratch, I thought I would just clear the air right up front.  I am a passionate person.  I know there are things wrong in the world and I feel compelled to shout for those who have no voice.  With that being said, I wanted to introduce you to an organization that you’ll probably be hearing a lot about from me if you stick around long enough to listen.  This way, you all have a heads up that I am going to be advocating for the children on this site, and if anyone asks “What exactly is Reece’s Rainbow?”  I can have a nifty little post to refer them back to.

So… here goes!  Reece’s Rainbow is not an adoption agency.  They are an advocacy organization that seeks to find loving families for orphans with special needs around the world.  Reece’s Rainbow was started by the mother of a little boy who has Down syndrome (that would be Reece).  When she discovered the horrific conditions that children born with Down syndrome and other disabilities endure because of their differences, she did something about it.  That something, is Reece’s Rainbow.

How exactly does Reece’s Rainbow help orphans?

Reece’s Rainbow helps orphans on multiple fronts, this is a not a cut and dry battle, but one that is fought on many sides.  Reece’s Rainbow’s ultimate goal is to no longer be needed!  We all hope that one day the parents of these children will be equipped and encouraged to keep their children and raise them.  But for right now, there are children with no families who desperately need out.  Reform has to happen, but it will not happen in time for most of the children waiting right now.

Reece’s Rainbow has a waiting list of children with special needs who are available for adoption.  This gives children from around the world the ability to be seen, something that they would otherwise not have.  Their families often find them through the advocacy of this organization and her many volunteers and fellow advocates.  Reece’s Rainbow also holds grant funds for the children who are waiting.  Now, this often puts people off initially, but let me explain…

The dollar signs next to children’s names are not “for sale” signs.  Rather, these amounts are indicative of support that has been donated and built up for a specific child over a period of time.  International adoption is prohibitively expensive, but if a child has a grant fund in place for their adoption the process can move more quickly and smoothly once a family is found.  This saves lives.  Potential parents who are on the fence about whether they can adopt are often encouraged to know that there is already support waiting for them on the other end.

The other way that Reece’s Rainbow helps is by connecting families with resources and grant funds, giving people tax deductible ways to donate to a family’s adoption and giving them a fundraising platform.  Reece’s Rainbow walks with families throughout the entire adoption process, which is a huge blessing for anyone taking the giant leap of faith that is adoption.

Why do you advocate for Reece’s Rainbow?

There are many ways to care for the widow and the orphan.  This organization, in particular, has my heart.  I have come to fall in love with many of the children that are still in need of families, and can’t help but shout for them, hoping their mommies and daddies will hear!  I have also made dear friends with many of the families adopting with the help of Reece’s Rainbow.  I have learned so much from Andrea, the Reece’s Rainbow staff, adopting families and the advocates that I cannot help but be indebted to them.  In a way they have become a part of my family and my neighbors whom God has given to me to serve.

How can I help?

There are so many ways you can help!  Stay tuned here long enough and I will give you some ideas for sure.  Otherwise, go to the Reece’s Rainbow website and learn more about what they do.   There are waiting children that you can advocate for and families in process that you can encourage and support financially.  Pray for all of these children and families and ask God’s protection over them as they long to be together.

To connect with Reece’s Rainbow and stay informed about more ways you can help, check out their Twitter and Facebook Page.

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After quite the hiatus I am back and ready to start blogging once more!  I am very excited about my new blog and can’t wait to start rebuilding my readership community.  I am planning on blogging about all the usual stuff, natural living, Christian living, motherhood and all the fun little odds and ends in between.  Please connect with us!  I now have a Facebook page where you can get all our new posts, join in fun discussion, learn about any giveaways that come up and request topics for me to cover on the blog!

I am also on Twitter and Pinterest (still learning how to navigate those) or you can just email me using the little envelope button on the top right hand of the screen.  Looking forward to getting reacquainted with my internet community and “meeting” lots more of you!  I am still working on transferring all of my old posts over to this site, so I will let you know as those trickle in.

My husband is finishing up his last year at the seminary in the next two weeks, at which point we will start our move and he will be ordained and installed (God willing).  So many new changes and exciting things happening.  I can’t wait to blog about all of them!  While you’re waiting for more feel free to check out a few posts that I have already moved over:

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