Facebook Fast: Day 5


Time to think… that’s what I’ve had.  Facebook is mind numbing.  That’s why our most difficult time staying away from it has been in the evening.  That’s when we want good, mind numbing brain candy.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Everyone needs some good brain candy to decompress the day and relax.  The problem is when we indulge in these multiple times throughout the day, as a way of escape from our real life.  We can even do this subconsciously, not realizing we are using it in such a way.  But we must be careful, for that is how addictions begin, without our even knowing.

Now, not everyone who goes on Facebook multiple times a day is an addict.  But are they getting the most out of the life that is right in front of them?  I suppose that could be up for debate.  As for me, I know that my mind has been much busier without the constant mindless stream of status updates from Facebook.  Yes, there are a few good ones now and again, but let’s be honest… you have to scroll through plenty of mindless updates before you find one that’s worth looking into – and even more before you find one that seriously challenges you to think!

Well, perhaps that’s a enough food for thought… I have other things to be doing and other people to be loving.  Have a great weekend!  I will be busy busy.  But I will try to finish updating you on the last two days of our fast.

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