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Facebook Fast Recap

Alrighty… so how did the Facebook Fast go?  It was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  Maybe twice a day when I would get online I would have two seconds of disappointment at not being able to log in.  No biggie.  I think it’s given us some good positive changes as well.  We have kept Facebook blocked on our computers, so we can only get on if we have the password.  Which means when Jake is at school and I am at home, neither of us can waste time on Facebook!  It has worked well.  I will tell you a bit more about how we do that in a bit.

The second thing that this exercise made me see was that it isn’t just Facebook that wastes my time and distracts me from my duties.  It’s the internet and really, my computer in general.  It is a useful tool, but can very easily turn around and enslave you quietly to its distracting and destructive ways.  But, we need computers in our home, for many reasons.  So we can’t get rid of them.  Instead we need to learn how to ease the temptation to keep them open all day long.  I want to share with you what we have done in our family, as it has been a great blessing to us in the past and I think will prove to be again as we re-institute our boundaries this week.

First of all, we got an internet security system.  I highly recommend this for every family – especially if the internet can be a distraction for you.  Internet security is not just good for protecting you from dangerous or ungodly websites.  It is good for that, but there are other benefits as well.  We use K-9 Web Protection.  This is the best, free internet protection resource available.  We use a dual password, Jake knows the first half, I know the second.  So we both need to put in the password in order to change settings or unblock access.  There are two main ways to use it.

First, you can block websites.  Other than the obvious, we block things like Facebook – the time wasters.  Not that we can never go to these places, but we restrict them to check ourselves, especially during the day when there is work to be done.

Second, you can block time.  We set ours up to block certain times each day.  Most of the day is usually blocked – so we don’t get distracted… One thing I learned from our Facebook Fast is that I can get distracted by much more than just Facebook!  If I only have a few times during the day that are open for internet use, I can’t sit on here all day reading blogs.

Another suggestion I have for other stay-at-home wives and mothers is this – do NOT keep your computer in your living area.  As much as you can keep it anywhere beside the place you sit to relax and spend time as a family.  If the computers stay elsewhere, you can focus on your family.  If you can’t get lost on your computer while enjoying your comfy recliner and instead have to utilize it in the less desirable, squeaky office chair – you are much less likely to abuse it.

And resist the urge to keep it open regularly!  If you aren’t using it, close it or turn it off and walk away.  The more work it is to go back and check things the less you will do it and the more attention you will give to your other vocations.

These are the measures I will be taking myself in the coming week.  I’ll let you know how they go.  Blessings on your weekend!  I know I will be enjoying these precious treasures…

Jake and Kids

Facebook Fast: Day 5


Time to think… that’s what I’ve had.  Facebook is mind numbing.  That’s why our most difficult time staying away from it has been in the evening.  That’s when we want good, mind numbing brain candy.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Everyone needs some good brain candy to decompress the day and relax.  The problem is when we indulge in these multiple times throughout the day, as a way of escape from our real life.  We can even do this subconsciously, not realizing we are using it in such a way.  But we must be careful, for that is how addictions begin, without our even knowing.

Now, not everyone who goes on Facebook multiple times a day is an addict.  But are they getting the most out of the life that is right in front of them?  I suppose that could be up for debate.  As for me, I know that my mind has been much busier without the constant mindless stream of status updates from Facebook.  Yes, there are a few good ones now and again, but let’s be honest… you have to scroll through plenty of mindless updates before you find one that’s worth looking into – and even more before you find one that seriously challenges you to think!

Well, perhaps that’s a enough food for thought… I have other things to be doing and other people to be loving.  Have a great weekend!  I will be busy busy.  But I will try to finish updating you on the last two days of our fast.

Facebook Fast: Day 4

Well, I thought it was time to talk about some more of the benefits from this Facebook Fast. I finished a book! I would have finished it anyway… but it would have taken me much longer. And I think I will even get through two books this week. What else is there to do when you are nursing and you don’t have Facebook? Reading is something I definitely need to be doing, but I get a lot less of it done if there are time wasters available on the interwebs.

Blogging! I have been blogging daily! Which is really what I want to be doing… it’s just hard to find the time. But without Facebook? Not so bad I’d say. I’ve also been able to read other blogs. I’ve found posts like this one.  Stories that will break your heart… My passion for saving orphans has never left, but as I readjust my priorities it is being rekindled.  I dare you to read Kori’s Story.  Go on, click on the link and see if God does not move your heart.

What if one of those children in an institution is yours?  What if one of those children being abused and neglected is just waiting for you to find him and bring him home? Perhaps not.  But… what if?  Is it possible?  Even if there is the tiniest possibility that one of these children is yours… wouldn’t it be worth it to make sure?  Wouldn’t it be worth it, just to ask God if you are his mother or father?  Wouldn’t it be worth it to make sure that your child does not have to endure such conditions one day longer than they have to?

Sorry… I know this isn’t exactly Facebook oriented… but in a way it is.  This week has made me start thinking seriously about my priorities in life, and sometimes that involves difficult life changes.  I think it’s important for us to do that.  Scripture tells us that pure religion is to care for the widow and the orphan.  All of us can do something.  What can you do?  Children are dying – dying without knowing the love of a family, and more importantly, dying without knowing the love of Christ.  Let’s check our priorities.

Facebook Fast: Day 3

I guess some days you just don’t get anything done no matter how little you get on Facebook! Having two kids will do that I suppose…

I am not having too much trouble missing Facebook. It’s actually quite liberating. I only had once today where I really wanted to check it, but I got over it pretty quickly. I am finding other ways to waste my time online… adoption blogs… hmm… I think I will need a little bit more than just blocking Facebook to keep myself accountable for my online time.

The internet is a great tool, and the goal is to make sure it STAYS a tool, rather than me being a slave to it. That is what I don’t want! I will do a more detailed update tomorrow. It’s late… and way past my bedtime.


Facebook Fast: Day 2

Start Here for Day 1

I have to admit – this hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be!  The worst part of the day is the morning and the evening, which is actually very telling and a little sad.  I always feel like I should begin and end my day with Facebook.  I know, pitiful right?  I wake up and I want to make sure nothing new has happened, and I want to double check nothing is going on before I go to sleep.  Ugh…

We have been talking about how to reorient our Facebooking after this short fast, and I think one thing we will have to do is definitely block it in the morning and at night!  Something that fuels the Facebook addiction is “I just want to check one more time…”  That news feed is awful!  You feel the need to constantly keep up with it because – WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING?!

What you don’t think about is what you’re missing right in front of you, while you’re trying not to miss everything that is so far away.  It’s not that it’s bad or wrong to keep up with friends and family who do not live near you; that’s one of the great blessings of the internet!  But when your day can’t feel complete without that, there’s something a little out of sync.  (It’s called priorities.)

I want other things to be what make my day feel complete.  I want to wake up and feel the urge to pray, to connect with God – not with my cyber world.  I want to go to bed every night and be sure I didn’t miss out on precious family time.  I want to not miss ONE THING while my children grow up.  And you know what?  I think trying so hard not to miss anything in anyone’s life has caused me to miss out on the lives of those closest to me.

It’s time to shift gears and realign my priorities.  Cause they’re just a little out of sync.

Evie and Cross

Facebook Fast: Day 1



So… my very dear husband has convinced me to join him in a week long Facebook Fast, a cybernating of sorts, if you will. I have decided to blog about our experience. How was Day 1? Let me paint you a picture…

Instead of logging onto Facebook as soon as I woke up… I made my dear hubby and I some hot tea to enjoy while we worked.

Instead of checking Facebook when I was done working… I sang a hymn and said morning prayers with my daughter we she woke up.

Instead of checking Facebook after breakfast… I read children’s Catechism books to Evangeline.

Instead of spending more time on Facebook after hubby left for school… I put away the clean laundry and dishes.

Instead of staring at the computer screen… I gazed into my son’s eyes.

Instead of scrolling through my newsfeed… I unpacked a much needed winter clothes box.

And your favorite of all… instead of using my nursing breaks for Facebook updates I wrote this nifty blog post.

In short, we got a lot more of life done and a lot less of living vicariously through my computer screen. At the same time I loved it and I hated it. I will admit – I do feel disconnected; I’m a little worried I’m missing something important. And I have no idea what’s going on in the news… I will expand a bit more tomorrow, but I thought I’d leave a mostly positive note for Day 1. Perhaps it will be motivation to keep going. Have you ever thought of giving up Facebook? I’d love to hear your experiences! Especially since I am currently deprived of my social media outlet…

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