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A New Mommy of Two

img_1882As you may have already guessed… we didn’t end up live blogging the birth…  I promise that I will post a birth story as soon as I have it written down, but with a labor short enough that even the midwife missed the event – I hope you won’t feel too left out that the blogging world missed it too!

In any case, I wanted to post an update for everyone.  Stephen was born on the 19th in the afternoon (his grandpa’s birthday!) and he is doing absolutely wonderfully.  He has nursed like a champ from the beginning, no pain or soreness at all!  With Evangeline it took over a month to get to a comfortable point.  When I think about it, almost everything is different this time around.  They are both equally enjoyable and lovable, but definitely unique!  I suppose if you know one baby you certainly don’t know them all.

We are looking forward to learning more about our Little Man as he continues to grow.  Evangeline is doing marvelously with her little brother.  There is no sign of jealousy, although the first day I could tell she was just a bit anxious that she was being left out.  After tandem nursing a couple of times, though, she realized that I was still just as much her Mommy as always, and she’s been doing great ever since!

We have already started elimination communication (infant potty training) and it’s going great.  We had our first two catches today!  Not even a week old, and he’s already using the potty 😀  Co-sleeping is also going well.  We’re still working out some kinks, but overall we’re getting enough rest.  And once we get a routine down that works for both kiddos I think we’ll be sleeping all night!

The transition to being a Mommy of two littles is going much more smoothly thus far than I could have hoped.  My own dear Mommy is here helping out, which is a huge part of that!  I’m hoping that during this next week I can start easing back into some basic cooking and chores and that we can get started packing up the house for our move!  So much to do!!

But for the moment I am just enjoying my precious son.  <3


Stephen Patrick


Ya’ll Ready for This?

I have officially sorted, packed, organized and repacked every single item we own.  Isn’t moving great?  It at least feels good to purge so much clutter!  And moving twice in two years sort of gives you that little bit of extra motivation to throw out those things you just couldn’t bring yourself to toss the first time.

One interesting piece of nostalgia I ran across was my old high school basketball warm-up CD that my dad put together for me.  I had to laugh at many of the songs on the mix… but good memories nonetheless.  And that was the inspiration for the name of my post today.  Although, it has absolutely nothing to do with my topic!  Well, maybe not nothing.

Music has a very strong ability to induce certain emotions and attitudes for the different situations in our lives.  That’s why I put together a birthing playlist this time around.  And although I don’t think my high school warm up CD and my birthing playlist will have even one song in common… I hope they will both share the legacy of bringing back good memories when I recall those events they were meant for.

So, back to the topic.  Ya’ll ready for this?

I will be live blogging the birth!!

I discussed it with my dear hubby and, although he thought I was crazy, (which isn’t anything new…) he also seemed mildly amused by the idea, so we’re going to give it a shot.  No worries… we won’t be posting any videos if that’s what you were wondering!  And I’m also not going to promise anything.  My hope is to have short and sweet updates at regular intervals until Baby is born.

Of course, if it just becomes too much of a hassle, I’ll quit.  Yup.  I’ll be a quitter; I won’t mind one bit.  So just be prepared to be cut off short during the most exciting part of the story :)  The plan is to have Jake give a few updates when it becomes too much work for me to type, but again… don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen.  I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m really not sure how it will play out.  This is our test run, so we’ll see how it goes!

Our house is freshly cleaned, and I packed the just-in-case hospital bag yesterday.  I’ve got my essential oils all prepared for aroma therapy, and the birthing tub is set up in the dining room… so we’re about ready for this baby to be here!  Let me know if you want a text at the start of labor so you can follow along!  Can’t wait!!

The Kombucha Verdict

I have been waiting all day for my dear hubby to get home so we can try our first ever batch of Kombucha Tea!!  I have been slaving over it for a week… well ok, really I did a tiny bit of work one day and it has been fermenting for a week 😀  Nevertheless I still feel SUPER excited to taste the fruits of my labor and patience.


What, you wanted to hear how it tastes?  Hubby isn’t home yet!! I still have to wait another hour.  You’ll have to come back then to find out!  I just wanted you to be in suspense with me 😀

Come back in an hour for the update!!!

UPDATE:  And the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. was the Kombucha any good??

I caught Jake’s initial reaction on camera:



The picture may be a little misleading.  I neglected to tell him it would be a little fizzy!  It’s got a nice, light carbonation to it.  Which, after the initial shock, Jake said helped the tea a lot actually.  He mentioned that it smelled a little like beer… and when I told him it has a tiny alcoholic content to it he said “Well that explains it.”  

But did he like it?  Yes.  He gave it a 6 out of 10 (10 being the best thing he’s ever drank).  So more or less, it wasn’t bad!  Citrus is not his favorite flavor, so he says he’d like to try it again with a different kind of juice.  We decided that it had a slightly tart flavor, but not sour or vinegary.

And my review?? I, on the other hand, LOVED IT!!  My midwife told me to start out with 2oz a day… and it was SO hard to just drink 2oz of the stuff!  I enjoyed it more than soda personally.  I really really liked the citrus flavor, and I will definitely make it again, but we’ll try a different one for the next batch.  Stay tuned for a recipe and feel free to post questions!  Have you ever tried Kombucha?  Was it as delicious as mine?? 😀

Guess Who…

Got her very first ponytail today?!!?!!


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