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Standing Up 2 Cancer

We usually don’t watch a lot of cable around here.  We have it, but we just aren’t interested in most of the entertainment that television has to offer.  We mostly watch our own DVDs but this month it’s different… this is October and as any baseball fan knows that means the playoffs.  And as any Cardinals fan knows… we are in the World Series.  Which means an entire month of Cardinals games that are nationally televised… which means we’re watching the TV a lot more lately.

Most of the commercials are hardly worth mentioning, many are downright offensive and a seldom few we have found humorous.  But there is one campaign on television right now that I did want to spotlight – the Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign.  There have been so many of these cancer awareness/fund raising efforts over the last several years. As more and more precious lives are lost to this illness, the more we see big businesses and celebrities jumping on the bandwagon to “stand up to cancer”.

Something about these campaigns has always bothered me though… we’re raising awareness, but to what end?  I have never once seen a commercial or advertisement trying to advocate for a healthier lifestyle that could result in fewer cases of cancer and therefore fewer deaths.  I have been told countless numbers of times how incredibly important it is to get regular breast exams in order to catch early signs of cancer, but I have never once had a national campaign explain to me what kind of lifestyle might prevent it in the first place.

So, since I have been utterly disappointed with the national media’s feeble attempts… I am going to do a little standing up to cancer myself.  Here is some useful information about the cancer epidemic that you may not have heard already…

The Facts…

    • Cancer is simply an abnormal growth of cells somewhere in the body.
    • Many (if not most) causes of cancer are environmental, not genetic.
    • Reducing the environmental causes of cancer will reduce the cases of cancer in our society.

There is no medical consensus on exactly what causes these cells to begin forming and growing abnormally, but there is one theory that has intrigued me, not only does it make logical sense, but it also has research that backs up its premise.

The theory goes simply like this: the reason why tumors begin to form is because our bodies are full of toxins (more about toxins below).  Our liver becomes overwhelmed and is unable to process them all.  As a defense mechanism the body creates a makeshift liver to contain the excess chemicals, otherwise known as a tumor.

This is a great article that discusses the research and the doctors behind this theory and also their alternative treatment for cancer.  Since the cancer is simply a safety mechanism for protecting your body from toxins, they treat toxicity levels rather than attacking the tumor directly.  If the necessity for the tumor disappears – the tumor will follow.

People in our society tend to have high toxicity levels in their body.  Why?  Because there are chemicals and toxins in our food, our containers, our medicines, immunizations, toys, water, playgrounds, grass, etc.  If you would like some resources in limiting your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins check out this great organization for plenty of tips and tools to get you started.

Also, if you are concerned about the level of toxins in your body here is some information on how you can lower these levels through the Biblical discipline of fasting.

Facts About Breast Cancer

  • Western, industrialized countries (the U.S. in particular) have the highest incidences of breast cancer in the world.  Check it out.
  • Higher levels of estrogen in the body can cause breast cancer.
  • Estrogen levels in the body can be increased most notably by: eating soy (which is way too prevalent in our processed food!), menstrual cycles, birth control and hormone treatments.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Yup.  The more babies you have (the earlier you have them) and the longer you nurse those babies… the less at risk you are for breast cancer.  Why is this?  I believe pregnancy and nursing has an effect on multiple levels.

  1. Being pregnant reduces the number of menstrual cycles a woman has, therefore decreasing the hormone levels caused by monthly cycles that can, over time, become harmful.
  2. Being pregnant, and trying to become pregnant, keeps women from taking the birth control pill which has harmful levels of estrogen and other hormones that can potentially cause cancer.
  3. Breastfeeding further elongates the amount of time before monthly cycles begin.  Ecological breastfeeding is especially helpful as it prevents cycles, on average, for 14-15 months postpartum.

Not only does extended breastfeeding protect you, it also protects your child.  There is a plethora of research all favoring the benefits to a child’s immune system through breastfeeding.  Bottom line?  The more you nurse the better off both you and your baby will be.

Right now we are experiencing a cancer epidemic.  Epidemics are not caused by genetic mutations, they are caused by environmental hazards that create or exacerbate the potential for disease.  Wearing pink and donating to research will not solve this crisis.  But perhaps if we return to God’s naturally created order for our lives, an order devoid of genetically modified food, chemically laden products and the feministic desire to live for ourselves rather than for our children… perhaps that’s when we will really be taking our stand.

Standing Up 2 Cancer

I’m standing up to cancer.  Are you?

Living Healthier

Is it ironic that as I write this post I am snacking on the delicious Lindor Truffles my dearest husband got for me?  To die for… literally perhaps as I am certain that last bite took at least a few days off my life.  That is certainly the one thing I look forward to in Heaven – lots of wonderful guilt-free truffles :)  Or perhaps just enough as to not overindulge… ahem.

So back to what I wanted to talk about, creating a healthier lifestyle.  This is of huge concern for me now that I am a mother.  I have noticed that whatever we eat our daughter tends to eat so… that doesn’t bode very well for the poor girl at this time I’m afraid.  Knowing how difficult it is to break bad habits as an adult, I want to spare her the difficulty and kick her sugar addiction before it begins.

Before I blogged about Jake and I eliminating sugar from our diet… ha!

A couple months ago I tried to implement a gradual ridiculously difficult diet plan… ha!

So now I have (I hope) learned from my mistakes.  If we really want to change our lifestyle… I mean really really want to reverse our habits and create long lasting new ones – it needs to be slow.  At least for us it does, and I have been warned to take these things slowly before… perhaps now I’ll listen.

So I took the elements from the “gradual” new lifestyle program I tried to implement and wrote them all down on a chart.  I won’t tell you what they all are now, that would not give you any reason to come back!  But I will tell you that there are a total of 16 of them.  Jake and I talked about it and he decided which one he wanted to start working on first.

For the last five weeks we have been concentrating on just basically drinking more water.  You may remember this from my other post talking about Baby School.  It’s not only a good model for our daughter, but it is also a great idea for us.  Why water?  Well… I think for one drinking more water doesn’t necessitate cutting out any bad habits like… Lindor Truffles… so we figured it was an easy in.  More importantly though it is a small part of a greater quest to have a healthier life and *drum roll* healthier teeth.

Yes… I said teeth.  My original diet program (and the new modified version) was not directed toward weight loss or more energy, though those things certainly might be a nice plus.  But what I really had in mind in its creation was to protect and heal our teeth.  One thing I am petrified of is cavities, for me or my kiddos.  I am not petrified only of the cost but also of the long term consequences.  I knew that in reality God had created our teeth to work – not to deteriorate.  And I knew that before the high tech dentist’s office, He had given us ways to take care of our bodies naturally, so I started researching what those ways were.

I found some great resources namely Weston Price’s Research and the work of Ramiel Nagel.  I was convinced after this and some other reading that I could not only protect Evangeline’s pearly whites from decay, but I could also heal mine and my dear husband’s already damaged teeth.  Using the nutritionally based methods from these and others I created my own comprehensive tooth healing program thingy for my own family.

I would have liked to start the transition more quickly, but again, slowly but surely wins the race.  So we’re starting slow… with water.  Our goal is to drink 6-8 glasses a day, and we have been doing moderately well at it.  I have definitely been drinking A LOT more than I ever have and have been noticing some benefits.  For example, I haven’t used chapstick since we started!  Which is definitely saying something.

Obviously water is important – our bodies are over 70% water, but why is it vital for tooth health?  It’s pretty simple.  When your body is dehydrated (like most American’s bodies are oddly enough…) it begins taking fluid from your extremities and non-essential places and transferring it to your vital organs to keep them working properly.  This means that your lips and mouth will become too dry, causing dry mouth.  Why this is a problem is because your saliva is what protects your teeth from the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.  Without enough of it, your mouth becomes dry and your teeth are vulnerable.  Dry mouth is one of the two main causes of tooth decay (the other is an overly acidic mouth which I will talk about later).

The solution?  Drinking enough water = no dry mouth = less cavities.  Yay!  Yes it’s an easy and simple step, but it’s in the right direction and every little bit helps.  Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to go get some water.

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