This last descriptive word I have chosen to use for myself is absolutely the dearest to my heart. It uncovers the dreams I’ve had since I was a little girl and boasts of what I consider to be the greatest accomplishment of my life… obtaining the honored title of Mommy.

As I write this post I am, honestly, a little worn out, so please excuse the typos :)  It’s been a whirlwind of a morning with my precious bundle of joy. I think she’s starting to teeth again so we have the slobbery, fussy, refuses-to-sleep, impossible-to-please baby that I recall from last month when her first two teeth came in, rather than the placid, cuddly, giggly baby she usually is. But just a few minutes ago I laid her on my chest and sang her her favorite lullaby and she gave in and nursed herself to sleep. It’s moments like that, the precious moments that follow the frustrating, difficult times that leave me speechless with joy that God allowed me to be her Mommy.

But where on Earth are my manners?! I have not even introduced you yet to my precious little bundle. Friends: This is Evangeline NellieMae, my most perfect (except for all the sin of course) little girl, and the person with whom I spend just about all of my time.

Evangeline at 5 monthsIsn’t she absolutely darling?! And that’s not even in person! She’s sitting right next to me and I’m so mesmerized by her that it’s taking me twice as long to write this post. I could go on endlessly about Evie, seeing as how she is the cutest baby of all time. (FYI: This is coming not from me but from a completely unbiased source, her grandfather.) However, I have chosen not to persist because I truly do want my loyal readers to continue frequenting my posts.

What do you mean I can’t have loyal readers after three posts? Who makes the rules in this place anyway? In all seriousness though, mommyhood… it’s a beautiful thing. And there’s a lot to talk about concerning mommyhood besides the fact that I have the most awesome baby. Culturally, and in our society, I believe, we have a lot of falsities and misconceptions about parenthood in general and I feel obligated to at least open the lines of discussion. In this post? Oh no no… of course not. I’m going to make you come back another time for that! But I will give you the bottom line: Babies are gifts from God. And, as Mother Theresa would affirm: Saying we need less babies is like saying the world needs less flowers. Blessings! Dalas

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